How to use Subjective Time Perception software?

Running the experiment while connected to the internet
This is the typical use of the software.

1. Run experiment at
2. Results will be uploaded automatically.

Running the experiment without access to the internet
Offline use is handy for example during:

    - analog simulations with time delay (hence no realtime internet)
    - at public events, conferences, opendays etc. (when you cannot connect machine to the internet)
    - while in travel (airport, train, etc.)

1. Download
2. Open with your browser (double click) ``index.html`` file and run the experiment.
3. When you connect machine to the internet, refresh page and your results will be uploaded.
4. If your computer cannot be connected to the internet:

    1. Download
    2. Open with your browser (double click) ``cache.html`` file.
    3. Save all this text as a txt (in Notepad, Word or whatever else) file to USB Pendrive.
    4. From the other computer send the results via email:

Experiment Instructions
1. Use only Chrome, Safari or Firefox!
2. Sit 20 cm from the screen.
3. Click start and fill survey.
4. When you see gray, red, blue or white screen click left mouse button once every 5 seconds.
5. Run this experiment two times a day:

    - Right after you wake up
    - Directly before going to sleep